I am a problem solver passionate about User Experience, Innovation, Strategy and Creativity. Now living in Geneva and eating some Easter chocolate when I am not working on chatbots. Scroll down to discover more about me and say hi.

What I've learned on the way

  • Curiosity
  • Friendship
  • Spirituality
  • Hard work
  • Independence
  • Dream
  • Passion
  • Adaptability

What I believe in

  • Authenticity
  • Diversity
  • Caring about others
  • Luck is an attitude
  • Complexity doesn't necessary mean complicated
  • Where there is fear, there is an opportunity to improve
  • Going the road less travelled
  • Making the world a better place

Who I am

  • Multiculturally driven
  • Adventurer
  • Sea lover
  • Zen
  • Voracious reader
  • Phd in curiosity

Clients I have worked with